You wouldn’t work with an interior decorator who isn’t willing to show you their portfolio, would you? So why would you work with a painting company who isn’t willing to prove themselves to you? To work with the most sought-after and experienced painting company in the area, call Bill Daffron Painting today!


The Painting Company Whose Colors Don’t Run

It never takes long for a coat of paint to lose its luster. After a couple of years, even the finest coat of paint can start to fade. You might even just begin to grow tired of that old color as your tastes evolve. When that day comes, you’re going to need to call a painting company who can get the job done right the first time.

Finding that company can be tough. Apart from looking for a company who is eager to show you a portfolio of their past work, we suggest looking for a company who provides:

  • Free Consultations – with No-Obligation!
  • Post-Work Cleanup Services
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Low VOC and Non-Toxic Paints for Your Home’s Interiors
  • Extended Warranties on All Services
  • Competitive Rates

There’s only one company who can give you all that and more, and that’s us! Call us today!

The Residential Painters Who Provide Picture-Perfect Results

Whether you’re looking for someone to paint your deck, your railings and bannisters, stairs, or just the trim of your home’s exterior, we can help you. Paint isn’t just a concealer—it can accentuate your home’s existing features. Paint can be a creative form of contrast, too.

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not ask to see examples of our previous work? We’d be happy to show you!

You Won’t Catch This Painting Contractor Cutting Any Corners

If it is going to take a nice coating of primer and a couple coats of your chosen paint color to create the desired effect, then that is what we’ll do. We’re not interested in skimping on services just to get the job done quickly. As professionals, we’ll do whatever it takes to get a quality finished product.

We know your standards are high, that’s why we set ours even higher.

Give Your Home a Makeover with Our Exterior Painting Services

With our painting services, your home will never fail to make a good first impression on visitors, passersby, or even potential buyers. Your home will look as vibrant on the outside as it does on the inside!

It Is What’s on the Inside That Matters: Bill Daffron Painting’s Interior Painting Services

We’re the interior painters who approach their job like interior designers. We’ll give your home attractive accent walls, paint every room a different color, or give you the monochromatic and minimalist look you’ve always wanted.

Rest assured, we will help you find the paint that best complements your home’s existing décor.

The Best Residential Painting Company in Calabasas

Call us at (818) 269-2259 to request our services. We look forward to hearing from you.